Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce

The Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce (DICoC) was incorporated as the  Dauphin
Island Businessmen’s Association, a domestic, non-profit  organization in 1958.
The name was legally changed in 1994.

The goals and objectives of this organization were “to advance the  educational, civic,
social, commercial and economic interests of the  community of Dauphin Island, Alabama
and the general welfare and prosperity …;
to promote integrity and good faith, just and equitable  principals in business and
professional activity, and uniformity in  commercial usages, …;
to discover and correct abuses; to prevent and  adjust controversies; to have a part in
representing your community in
the consideration and decision of public policy in municipal, county,  state, and national

In short, the purpose of the Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce
is to serve and promote interests
of the commercial community of
Dauphin  Island.

The DICoC actively solicits input from its members on issues that  affect their ability to
conduct business on the Island.  From the  contributions received, the DICoC determines the
most effective means
to address the concerns of the members and pursues resolution from the  appropriate
source(s.)  DICoC is prepared to assist new business  owners in navigating the steps
needed to become established on the
Island.  The DICoC also provides means of advertising businesses  through various types of
media to enable Islanders and visitors to  Dauphin Island to be aware of the existence of the
business and any special offerings from the business.  

The DICoC also promotes events  on the Island throughout the year
to attract more visitors to the Island.  

This increase in visitation acts to increase the opportunity  for local business members to
conduct their commercial activities.

Actions taken by the DICoC benefit Islanders, visitors, and business
members by fostering the closeness of a small-town feeling that  pervades Dauphin Island.
Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce